Enochian Theory – Subside – Monday 21st September 2009

Malacite got the evening under way in fine fashion. Having bumped into bassist Jack at an Old Wharf gig it seemed rude not to take him up on the opportunity to see them live. First impressions were more than favourable it has to be said. The lack of volume throughout their set didn't help, but otherwise all was well. Lurking somewhere on the border between thrash and death metal they played an assured and technically proficient set. Tempo changes were handled well and despite a slightly timid start they got into their stride quickly. “I Am God” was from the Morbid Angel or Sepultura school with a technical metal twist, whilst “The Father Of The Lie” slowed things down and would be murderous at the right volume (i.e. a lot louder!). First time I've seen them but I would strongly suspect it won't be the last – promising to put it mildly. Setlist; “Disillusioned”, “I Am God”, “The Father Of The Lie”, “Countdown To The Fall”, “Sands Of Sorrow”, “Hourglass”.

Dakesis impress me more every time I see them. Despite a scandalously low turnout they attacked this set with gusto and their customary finesse. I can think of few bands on the current circuit that can match their stage presence or ability to entertain. Yes they're cheesy, yes they're power metal, but who cares when you're grinning like a maniac all the way through their time on stage? After the lengthy prog-inspired intro “Shield Of Achilles” (penned by bass player Amie originally as part of a death metal concept album!) it was power metal all the way with soaring vocals and lengthy soloing from both Wayne and Matt. Wayne's quite a showman and a fine focal point and leader. From a musical standpoint you won't see many tighter bands and all the songs were well executed. A bright future awaits them I'm sure – although I wonder if European and American audiences may be more receptive? Time will tell, but if this is the case it will definitely be our loss. Setlist; “Shield Of Achilles”, “Trial By Fire”, “Liar”, “Valhalla”, “Broken”, “Into The Light”, “After The Storm”, “440”.

Enochian Theory arrived on stage close to the last bus curfew and so played to a nigh on deserted venue – which was a pity because they were stunning and facing a long trip back to Portsmouth (god knows what time they got back). Fusing old and new school prog, they played their current album “Creatio In Nihilio” in entirety, and played a blinder. Ben took on the frontman duties and contributed fluid guitar work. Shaun laid a solid platform with his intricate basslines, whilst Ben underpinned it all with his intricate drumming. “The Lost Orchestra” were the invisible fourth member, adding keyboards via a sequencer. For reference points try Yes, Genesis and Rush from the old school and Opeth and Porcupine Tree from the here and now and you wouldn't be far off. Technical almost beyond belief, if musical dexterity is your thing it really doesn't get much better. Amazing performance from a band who deserve to join the elite. As the setlist was the album from start to finish I'll decline to copy it – get hold of the CD and you'll know what it was!



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